Thank you for taking time to visit the consultation page for the 2018/19 West Dunbartonshire Health & Social Care Partnership Social Care Budget.

We are asking for your views on a range of savings options which have been identified across the Health & Social Care Partnership (HSCP).  These options will help us close the budget gap for social care – the difference between how much funding the Health & Social Care Partnership expects to receives from the Council and how much it actually costs to provide social care services to the public.

The savings options included in this consultation cannot be introduced without the approval of the Health & Social Care Partnership Board at its May 2018 meeting. Your views on the options presented will help inform Health & Social Care Partnership Board when they take their decisions on how best to close the budget gap.

This financial challenge is something facing every Health & Social Care Partnership Board in Scotland as our partners in Health Boards and Local Government address their own funding challenges. In order to present the full scale of the financial challenge, in Section 4 below, for information only, we have included the health care savings options which will also be considered by the Health and Social Care Partnership Board. 

While difficult decisions have to be made, it is important to stress that our priority will be to protect the frontline community health and social care services our residents most rely upon, and to ensure we can support our most vulnerable citizens. 

The Survey is now closed thank you for taking the time to complete.  Results will be presented to the Health & Social Care Partnership Board budget meeting on the 2nd May 2018.