Our Vision

Our vision is to replace the Council’s older peoples care homes and day care with buildings that meet the Care Inspectorate’s standards of care and environment and to provide service users, their relatives and our staff with a modern living and working environment which enables better person centred care within more eco-friendly facilities.

Home for Life 

For our residents we want to provide a well staffed and equipped “Home for Life” and for our day care users we want to provide access to a range of health and care services including therapeutic and rehabilitative facilities as well as social and recreational activities.

Group Living

The care homes will have 84 individual en suite bedrooms which will be large enough to accommodate residents with a range of needs.  Residents’ living space will be divided into smaller groups and each group area will be set around living and dining areas and secure outdoor facilities enabling residents to enjoy a range of living and social facilities with as much of a domestic feel as possible.

Day Services

Additionally we will incorporate a range of facilities in the central area of the building which will include a hairdresser, a café area, therapy/treatment room and cinema room. The intention is that these facilities will be accessible for all the people who use the buildings.

The Design

The design work has been led by our architects in consultation with current care home residents and day care users and their relatives, as well as our staff and other colleagues in the Council and the NHS.  We have also sought the advice of other ‘experts’ from the voluntary and private sectors and in particular the Dementia Services Development Centre at Stirling University.