A guiding principle for this Project has been the importance of involving the range of people who have an interest in our new developments.  We will do this, primarily, through consultation with our staff, and the older people who will live in and use the buildings together with their relatives who will expect the highest standards of care and accommodation.

We have involved our staff in the design process of the buildings through workshops and discussions and will continue to seek their views throughout the whole process of providing these new homes.  A critical measure of success for our Project will be that we end up with facilities over which people feel they have had some involvement in the design, location and delivery of first class facilities.

Creating Local Opportunities

Following a value for money approach the Council is developing this project in partnership with hub West Scotland.  This Partnership will seek to ensure this approach by offering clarity and transparency over costs, whilst also aiming to deliver community benefits in the shape of local work placements and apprenticeships.