The Treatment and Support Sub Group Delivery Plan delivers activity relating to the sections “Developing Recovery Oriented Systems of Care” and “Getting it Right for Children, Young People and Families” of the national strategy Rights, Respect and Recovery

The sub-group works to achieve the following national outcomes:

  • People access and benefit from effective, integrated person-centred support to achieve their recovery (Developing Recovery Oriented Systems of Care)
  • Children and families affected by alcohol and drug use will be safe, healthy, included and supported (Getting it Right for Children, Young People and Families)


The sub-group will also work to ensure the recommendations from the Drug Deaths Taskforce in light of COVID 19 are impmented within West Dunbartonshire.


For further information on local addiction services please click here WDHSCP Addictions Services

Sub-Group Co-Chairs:

  • Integrated Operations Manager Addictions, WDHSCP
  • Third Sector Representative 

The Treatment and Support Sub-Group Delivery Plan is available here.