The Community Planning West Dunbartonshire (CPWD) Substance Use Prevention Strategy Implementation Group is coordinated by the WDHSCP Health Improvement Team on behalf of the CPWD Safe Delivery and Improvement Group.  The strategy contributes to the West Dunbartonshire Plan for Place, which contains the strategic priority “A Safe West Dunbartonshire” and the strategic outcome “Residents live in positive, health promoting local environments where the impact of alcohol and drugs is addressed”.

In addition, the strategy contributes to Public Health Priority 4 ‘A Scotland where we reduce the use of and harm from alcohol, tobacco and other drugs’.  The Public Health Reform process highlighted that in order to achieve Public Health Priorities the whole system must work together.  The CPWD Substance Use Prevention Strategy has been recognised as an early adopter of whole system working by the Scottish Government.  More information is available in this video

A summary of the 10 year strategy is available here : CPWD Substance Use Prevention Strategy Summary

The Substance Use Prevention Strategy Delivery Plan is available here