As a part of local strategic planning ADPs should set their own actions, improvement goals, measures and tests of change, alongside the national deliverables, to drive quality improvement at a local level.

WDADP held a development day in January 2019 to consider the national strategies and agree local priorities.  The main themes identified were:

  • Involvement
  • Commissioning
  • Governance and reporting
  • Pathways, signposting and referral
  • Substance Use Prevention Strategy – building on existing work
  • Quality Principles
  • Alcohol and drug related deaths
  • Support for families
  • Justice settings
  • Recovery communities

The local priorities identified through the community engagement (workshops and survey) exercise were as follows:

Prevention and Early Intervention (activity delivered through the Substance Use Prevention Strategy)

  • More positive alternative activities to do instead of drinking alcohol or taking drugs
  • Preventing adults buying alcohol or tobacco for young people

Developing Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (activity delivered by the ADP Treatment and Support Sub-Group)

  • Improved access to support for individuals who need it
  • Improved options for recovery
  • Focussed support aimed at preventing alcohol related and drug related deaths

Getting it Right for Children, Young People and Families (activity delivered by the ADP Treatment and Support Sub-Group)

  • More support for parents, carers and families
  • More support for children affected by alcohol or drug use in the family
  • Activity to address the normalisation of parental drinking

A Public Health Approach to Justice (activity delivered by the ADP Justice Settings Working Group)

Improved support to divert people from the criminal justice system, treating drugs as a “health” issue