The 2020-21 Ministerial Priorities have been considered in the development of the relevant sub-group Delivery Plan and are summarised as follows:

  1. A recovery orientated approach which reduces harms and prevents alcohol and drugs deaths
  • Update and implement plans to reduce deaths from alcohol and other drugs
  • Implement the Drug Death Task Forces six evidence based strategies to reduce drug- related deaths.
  • Continue to improve access to naloxone in the community and on release from custodial and hospital settings
  • Establish protocols between mental health/alcohol and drug services to support improved access and outcomes
  • Deliver services in line with the Quality Principles, including clear plans to respond to the individualised recommendations within the Care Inspectorate Reports
  • Ensure mechanisms are in place for people with lived and living to be involved in delivering, planning and developing services
  • Continued delivery against the Waiting Times Standard.
  • Implement DAISy before the end of 2020 in line with national implementation plans
  1. A whole family approach on alcohol and drugs

In preparation for the development of a whole families approach:

  • Improve understanding of the experience of family members whose loved one is in treatment / uses alcohol and/ or drugs problematically
  • Map existing investment in and scope of family support services used by people with alcohol / drug problems
  1. A public health approach to justice for alcohol and drugs
  • Identify the investment, outcomes and outputs delivered by alcohol and drug services which act as a diversion measure from justice including those services which work with people as a condition of sentence, in prison or leaving prison / voluntary through care.
  • Develop improvement plans as needed
  1. Education, prevention and early intervention on alcohol and drugs
  • Develop plans to address stigma surrounding alcohol and drugs, ensuring appropriate use of language and identifying and improve capacity for advocacy
  • Ensure those in leadership roles and integral to the ADP strategy engage within people with lived living experience
  • Meet the Alcohol Brief Interventions (ABIs) Standard to with 80% of ABIs delivered in priority settings.
  • Support the delivery of the SG’s Count 14 campaign to raise awareness of the UK CMOs lower-risk maximum weekly drinking guidelines. Amplify the campaign at a local level utilising partnerships, media and online resources.
  1. A reduction in the attractiveness, affordability and availability of alcohol
  • Engage with Licensing Forums, local partners and Licensing Boards to address overprovision and control availability of alcohol, in line with the licensing objectives

Cross Cutting work

  • Implement the Partnership Delivery Framework to Reduce the Use of and Harm from Alcohol and Drugs
  • Contingency Planning in relation to COVID-19