All WDADP activity is mapped to the monitoring framework and theory of change (ToC) that was developed for the monitoring and evaluation of Rights, Respect and Recovery (RRR) and the outcomes framework from the Alcohol Framework 2018: Preventing Harm.  

The RRR framework and theory of change is designed in a way that reflects the vision and thematic areas / chapters and builds upon the outcomes of the policy.  The chapter outcomes (e.g. outcomes for Prevention and Early Intervention, Development of a ROSC, a Public Health Approach to Justice, Getting it Right for Children, Young People and Families) are followed by a number of antecedent outcomes (which are best understood by reviewing the theory of change).  Nested within each of the outcomes in the framework is a number of indicators. 

The framework provides the strengths and limitations of each indicator, the frequency of its availability and links to the data source.

The relevant outcomes are identified in the sub-group Delivery Plans.