The Quality Principles are central to the implementation of the Scottish Government's Quality Improvement Framework for drug and alcohol treatment and support services. and they are supported by the NHS Scotland Healthcare Quality Strategy with its central aim of providing care that is Person-centred, Safe, Effective, Efficient, Equitable and Timely.

The 8 Quality Principles are as follows:

  1. You should be able to quickly access the right drug or alcohol service that keeps you safe and supports you throughout your recovery.
  2. You should be offered high-quality, evidence-informed treatment, care and support interventions which reduce harm and empower you in your recovery.
  3. You should be supported by workers who have the right attitudes, values, training and supervision throughout your recovery journey.
  4. You should be involved in a full, strength-based assessment that ensures the choice of recovery model and therapy is based on your needs and aspirations.
  5. You should have a recovery plan that is person-centred and addresses your broader health, care and social needs, and maintains a focus on your safety throughout your recovery journey.
  6. You should be involved in regular reviews of your recovery plan to ensure it continues to meet your needs and aspirations.
  7. You should have the opportunity to be involved in an ongoing evaluation of the delivery of services at each stage of your recovery.
  8. Services should be family inclusive as part of their practice.

On an annual basis WDADP completes a survey of people with lived experience of WDHSCP and Third Sector alcohol and drug services in West Dunbartonshire.  This aims to capture their views of the service(s) from a client /patient /service user perspective during their recovery journey and gather suggestions for improvements.

The 2020 survey was redesigned to align more clearly to the Quality Principles.  A total of 138 surveys were completed from the WDHSCP Addiction Services (Leven and Clydebank), DACA and Alternatives.  Overall findings were reported to the ADP and bespoke reports shared with individual service providers.  The findings will be noting areas of success as well as areas for improvement. 

The full report can be viewed here 2020 Survey of People with Lived Experience of Services.