The Youth Services Mentoring / Befriending services works across West Dunbartonshire. 

The services contributes to improved outcomes for young people in their journey through adolescence and into adulthood, by the provision of positive, directive role models who will build a relationship with them.

  • Provides positive support / advice and guidance.
  • Complements existing supports available to young people aged 15+ Looked After and Accommodated by West Dunbartonshire Council in one of their Children’s Units or placed by them in a Residential or secure establishment through the provision of a safe, quality assured mentoring service.
  • Give greater recognition and value to the skills, abilities, experience and resilience which young people possess and to mentor these qualities in a positive and growth promoting way.
  • To contribute to an improvement in the self-image, self-esteem and social confidence of these young people and their sense of being able to influence the path their lives are taking.
  • To encourage young people to raise their aspirations and better achieve their potential through developing a more accurate understanding of their own strengths and limitations.
  • To increase awareness of and the take up of opportunities available, such as training and education or just socially in the local community.
  • To assist young people to identify, commit to and work towards achievable goals for themselves. To provide the personal attention and encouragement which helps sustain motivation through difficult times.
  • To reduce the sense of isolation and/or dependence on full time, paid workers often experienced by young people who have had intensive involvement with statutory services. Through the development of a trusting and supportive adult relationship and by encouraging them to form and maintain other positive relationships, this “normalisation” will alleviate the stigma that looked after Young people are often affected by.

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Youth Services

Youth Services Mentoring Coordinator
Aurora House
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0141 562 8800