Communication problems can affect a person’s ability to speak (expression) and/or the ability to understand and use spoken language (receptive).  Some people with communication difficulties will need to use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) methods to help them to take part in conversations. AAC is “any method of communicating that supplements the ordinary methods of speech and handwriting, where these are impaired”.

The equipment can be borrowed by anyone working for the HSCP and Education in West Dunbartonshire.  Loans are for approximately 2 weeks – 4 weeks for individual pieces of equipment.

Please access the following information to find out more about the equipment that is available and how to borrow.


A basic awareness of AAC is recommended for anyone who works with/comes into contact with people with communication difficulties.

          SLT Children’s Services  Tel: 01389 817306

          SLT Adult Services  Tel: 01389 817380

          SLT Adult Learning Disabilities  Tel: 0141 562 2324


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