B.I.E.N. stands for the Brain Injury Experience Network.  This is a user-led group, which means that people with a brain injury decide what the group does.   If you look at some of the pictures it shows some of the activities that we have planned and participated in.

Members of BIEN connect with each other through a common understanding, and are open to a wide adult age group who have experienced an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI).  Anyone who has an ABI is invited to attend the meeting as it offers a supportive and safe environment for people to talk about their own experiences.

If you are interested in attending or have any questions please contact the Acquired Brain Injury Service with the details above.

"We have all had a head injury of varying degrees. Some of us are more affected than others. At a normal meeting we discuss the different projects we are doing. We also might discuss difficulties we are having and ways we can work on them.”

We find ways to enjoy ourselves together; fishing trips, meals, and days out.

We meet once a month in Dumbarton. The meetings last about an hour and a half. Some folk come with their personal assistants or carers. Their carers can come into the meeting or wait outside, whatever suits you. Women and men can come to the group." - Quote from the BIEN group secretary.


A number of people in the BIEN group have told their stories in the document entitled The Journey’



"After my first BIEN meeting I absolutely loved it. Good, friendly, and therapeutic!”


"I really didn't expect to find so much common ground. BIEN has become the bedrock of my life."


"We are doing some essential work in the community. I couldn't be happier with it."