Term Collected Definition Charge
Building based Day Centre  Attendance at a recognised day centre which provides personal, structured activities and social contact within a designated building. Skills training, therapy provision or classes held at the building based day centre would not necessarily be part of this traditional day care and would not be charged.   Fixed Charge 
Housing support Covers a range of activities that allow a service user to maintain their accommodation, meet their duties and responsibilities as a tenant. Means tested 
Community Social support The service user participates in social activities outside a building on a 1:1 or group based setting.   TBC
Practical Support Daily living tasks which helps a service user with their life.
Domestic tasks i.e. dishes, clothes washing, tidying of house
Taking a person to do their shopping, doing the persons shopping for them, taking the service user to a bank or business which is required for them to live their lives.  
Means tested 
Educational support Service user requires educational support at a educational based building or through distance learning.  EXAMPLE: support going and leaving a educational based building, attending placements with the service user, attending their online classes with the service user Means tested 
Unplanned emergency admission to a service Unplanned emergency care.  EXAMPLE this could be care provided in a care home, care at home, care within a LD residential home. Means tested 
Employment support  The social worker would advise the service user to another service. EXAMPLE: work connect or SAMH. This isn't a service which is supplied by HSCP. N/A
External Local Authority Service user utilising a building based day centre External Local Authority Service user utilising a building based day centre Fixed Charge 
Family Placement  An adult is placed into foster care  Means tested
Personal care • Personal Hygiene - Bathing, showering, hair washing, shaving, oral hygiene, nail care
• Continence Management - Toileting, catheter/stoma care, skin care, incontinence laundry, bed changing
• Food and Diet - Assistance with the preparation of food and assistance with the fulfilment of special dietary needs
• Problems with Immobility - Dealing with the consequences of being immobile or substantially immobile
• Counselling and Support - Behaviour management, psychological support, reminding devices
• Simple Treatments - Assistance with medication (including eye drops), application of creams and lotions, simple dressings, oxygen therapy
• Personal Assistance - Assistance with dressing, surgical appliances, prostheses, mechanical and manual aids. Assistance to get up and go to bed. Transfers including the use of a hoist
Non Chargeable 
Shared sleepover  Multiple service users are supported at night at one time.  This usually applies to service users in shared housing.  The employee sleepover with the service users to make sure the service user is safe whilst they sleep. Means tested
Sleepover A service user is supported at night to ensure they are safe whilst they sleep.  This is for one service user at a time. Means tested
Waking night Support worker stays awake and ensures the service user comes to no harm whilst they sleep. This only applies to one service user at a time. Means tested
Shared waking night Support worker stays awake and ensures the service user comes to no harm whilst they sleep. This applies to multiple service users at a time. Means tested
Rehabilitation  The primary goal of rehabilitation is to  enable a service user with mental health needs the appropriate transition back to normal life, home or into community services, wherever possible.  After a formal assessment the service users care plan will have clear goals, within specified time frames. EXAMPLE: employment support, attending activities at day centres, weekly classes, integration back into the community.

Non Chargeable