The Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) cements together both NHS and local authority responsibilities for community-based health and social care services within a single, integrated structure.  We are expanding this partnership to establish a Market Facilitation Consortium model of market analysis across all of our health and social care services from across the statutory, independent and third sector to make the best use of the significant resources invested across our communities.

The Market Facilitation Consortium is grounded in the fundamental principles of ensuring a comprehensive partnership approach across all sectors providing health and social care services; a commitment to provide enhanced delivery of service to individuals and communities and a need to create diversity within the market place based on population needs.

A Consortium approach provides a robust framework for all partners; with clarity of roles, responsibilities, expectations and opportunities for each sector partner described within the context of market facilitation.

The approach provides third and independent sector partners access to the same information and data used within statutory services; providing opportunities for service delivery where there is an agreed and identifiable need for services based on demographic and neighbourhood analysis. Partners across sectors are then working in an innovative and collaborative approach which as a result is responsive, flexible and accountable to local people within their own localities.